Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Graduating to Big Brother!

So as most of you know, our little lucky fin has been promoted to big brother! And as most do not know, here is the story of Cooper!

On June 20, 2015 I woke up at 6:30 am with what felt like a cramp. It was nothing intense so I went back to bed thinking nothing of it, knowing he wasn't due for another 2 weeks.

Around 8:00 I woke up again with some more cramping and decided I should probably get up. My husband had already left to go to his parents house because we were supposed to be killing chickens that morning. My lucky fin and I were going to be making our way over as soon as I got him up and ready.

Well around 8:15 I sent a text to my husband letting him know that I thought that I was having contractions but wasn't sure. I told him I would keep him updated.

Jumping forward to 8:30 or so, I called my husband to let him know contractions were varying from 2:30 to 7:00 minutes apart but that I was still planning on coming to my in-laws. In my mind even if I was having contractions, I wasn't very far along and could labor more at home. Plus if I went to my in-laws, Jude could stay there whenever I needed to head to the hospital. After calling my husband, he decided that he was going to come home and get me to take me to the hospital.

In the mean time I was packing up my car, making breakfast and getting my oldest ready because my sister in law was coming to get him. By the time I was all done they were at my house and we were getting ready to go to the hospital.

In my mind, because the contractions were so sporadic and I was able to still function that I would be maybe 2 or 3 cm by the time I got to the hospital. We arrived and headed to labor and delivery! As we were on our way to the hospital I called my parents to tell them but let them know that they probably had some time to kill before he would be born.

Once we were checked in they checked my progress and I was... wait for it... 7 cm and progressing quickly!! Holy cow! I made the nurse tell me 3 times that I was 7 cm because I didn't believe her. The next few parts went by so quickly.

After they realized how far along I was they decided I need to get unhooked from the machines and walk to the labor room to keep my body progressing. As they were unhooking me my water broke and I remember the nurse saying, "oh no, we need to get you into that room quickly! This baby will be here any minute since he is your second." I was shocked!

Once we got into the room where I would deliver things went even faster. The next check I was 9 cm and still no iv's so they were trying to do that as I'm contracting.

The midwife and nurses were amazing! Without my husband rubbing my shoulders telling me I could do it and them in my face telling me this baby needs to be born, I can say that I successfully gave birth all naturally. But only because of them!

As they were trying to get the iv in I noticed that I needed to push! Needless to say they got that iv in me real quick and I started to push! 4 or so pushes and baby Cooper had entered the world at 10:54 am. Almost 2.5 hours after active labor started; I have been blessed with easy labors!

Now, because of Jude one of the first things we did was check to make sure all fingers and toes were there and they were :)

The rest of the day is a blurr but it was beautiful and perfect and I could have asked for anything better! He is now almost 4 weeks old and doing wonderfully! Jude is absolutely in love with him and the best big brother ever! I love my boys to death and now that Cooper is here I can't imagine life before him!

Here are some pictures for you all :)

Jude on the left and Cooper on the right!

Snuggling his little brother :)

After his first bath!

Have a Blessed Day!