Thursday, September 1, 2016

Inside the womb!

I found this amazing video! I may have posted it before but I don't think so... Anyway, It's a great video that shows ABS inside the womb! It's an awesome insight into what it looks like from the inside!

And now for a short update on our awesome lucky fin!

We went to Shriners a few weeks ago for a check up since it's been over a year since his last surgery (crazy! I know!) Well let me back up. A few days before his appointment I noticed something rough on his foot - the one with ABS - and I thought it was just a calace and it turned out to be his toenail growing back. The one we had removed with the very first surgery! So needless to say, I was happy to have an appointment a few days later.

While we were there we saw our wonderful surgeon who has taken great care of my baby. He was very impressed with how everything was progressing but... more surgery to come. Yes yes, we knew there would be more but not this soon. The pinky finger tip that he saved, well he didn't release the band because he was focused on saving the tip like we asked him to do. This means that we need to go back in and release the band and potentially remove the toenail again. With that he will separate the 4th toe from the 3rd, this way if the toenail ever grows back, we won't have to worry about it!

Talk about shock! I was expecting a "good job, looks great, see you in a year!" and instead we got the news of surgery much sooner. On the bright side, they all were very impressed with our lucky fin! He would walk around showing people his hands and toes because we have asked him so often to do so; which they had never seen. He sat politely and used his manners; it made me proud :)

And as far as the littlest one goes, well he is doing fantastic! Growing and eating like a weed and is trying so hard to keep up and copy his older brother :) I couldn't ask for better boys!

The day before he screamed because he got the red spoon... he loved it the next day.. Life of a toddler!

My sweet little one!