Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eat, Poop, Sleep, Repeat

As I was looking over the blog thinking "hmm maybe I should write a post, let me see the last time I wrote something.. Nov 8th?!!" My apologies for such a long gap in posts; I will try and be much better about it from here on out! Although I will say, I started this blog to help anyone out dealing with the same situations and now that surgeries are done we seem to be in limbo. I am however, preparing myself for the questions to come about his fingers and toes now that he is getting older as are his friends.

Speaking of which - There was a friend not too long ago that we play with almost every week, he is 3 and Jude is obviously 2. Anyway. He has never noticed my sons finger or toes until the other day and he pointed and said "what happened to his toes?" And my friend ever so sweetly just said, "God made him extra special." Why can't every parent respond this way?! Oh how I wish. Melted my heart as they moved right along to play like nothing was different.

Anyway back to how he is doing.

We started potty training and it's actually going very well!! I am impressed with how little accidents he has. Except... when he does have one, it's massive. I mean... pee is just everywhere. But! We started and that's all that matters. He is officially a big boy! We started with the three day method which seemed to work very well. And I know most parents do the full on naked day one, we decided to start with pants, this way he got used to it straight from the beginning and it worked perfectly! Needless to say I am happy to only have one in diapers now!

As for his little brother, well... not so little anymore. Out little chuck (my linebacker as I call him) is roughly only 10 pounds lighter than Jude and he continues to grow! He is trying to crawl and even though he can't get around by crawling, he is a huge mover.

Here are some updated pictures :) 

He was trying to copy mama :)

Our newest baby - Ellie Mae 

Cutest ever right??

These were their "matching" Christmas Eve jammies! 

Have A Blessed Day!